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Magical Collection

Magical Collection

Magical Collection

Jump into a magical world where your imagination can go wild. You could have your own unicorn friend, a magical garden or unicorn puppets. This collection is designed to take you on a magical adventure where you can play fun games, learn about the different myths of unicorns and name your own unicorn friend. Each pack is full of activities, games and facts. This range covers a host of learning benefits such as social skills, fine motor skills, social skills, creative play and learning about nature. If you want to join this magical adventure, then have a look at our Magical World Collection.

Unicorn Jokes

What do unicorns have for breakfast? Lucky Charms

Why are unicorns’ great guitar players? Because they know all the uni-cords.

Activities to do with the kids

Can you think of other magical powers a unicorn may have?

What sounds do you think unicorns make?


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