Create Your Own Super Stag Beetle
Create Your Own Rocking Robin

New Birds, Bugs & Butterflies range!

Shop wall-mounted animal heads!

Build a Beehive Dominoes Game

Giant Animal Origami

Build Your Own Fire Engine

Fire Engine to the Rescue!

New Magic Tricks!

Create Your Own Magical Unicorn Friend
make your own butterflies

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New Kits for Spring!

Awesome Dinosaurs

Step back in time inside giant footprints. Dig up and explore our fun dinosaur activity kits for kids of all ages

Amazing oceans

Explore the mysteries of our vast seas and oceans. Learn about the incredible plants and creatures of the deep by creating your own aquatic wonderland

Make Your Own Magic Tricks

Having a party?

Why not take a look at our exciting range of party multibuy paper toys. Ideal for party gifts, pocket money toys, stocking fillers and rainy day activities. Plastic-free and low waste for a happier planet

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Make your gifts perfect. Choose some of our lovely cards and wrap, or add our gift-wrapping service when buying a product.

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We are all about creative gifts for big imaginations. We have a wide range of beautiful and exciting gifts and toys to suit all ages. We encourage learning through play, so you can sort products with different learning benefits, by age or just browse the list.

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Our products are first and foremost designed to be fun. But we believe that learning
through play is a vital part of a child's development